Elaine Williams


It’s been 20 months since I first decided I was going to sell my home  in Cardiff and move to Italy.   I met Alessandro Clemente about 2 months later  at a conference my son and I attended in London,  he was giving  a talk on the legal process of  buying property in Italy, the pitfalls and what to watch out for.  I was impressed, he was remarkably candid  and  my son said to me, “Mum we have to get this lawyer” and so we did, thank God.   


Shall I just say that buying in Italy is not that straightforward, you can get yourself  into a real mess if you don’t have someone you trust to give you the proper advice and guidance through the process.   Had it not been for Alessandro’s support, professionalism and sincerity throughout,  I could  have made some serious and costly misjudgements.  I have been lucky,  I really did feel safe and protected at every point.  Don’t underestimate the complexity of Italian Real Estate Law!


Finally last week,  I completed the  purchase of my  home in Italy with Alessandro overseeing absolutely everything until the final hour and beyond.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart Alessandro for supporting me on this journey to  make my dream come true.  I now live in my olive grove in Puglia, my beautiful home.

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