Tine and Thierry Devreker – Decraene


We are a couple of paediatricians from Brussels and love Italy. We spent many holidays in almost all parts of Italy together with our sons Arno and Simon. Slowly the idea of buying a house sipped into our mind. In March 2019 we followed a 4 days course called “Move to Italy” with David and Gary, and this was the first time we realised our dream could perhaps come through one day. In November 2019 we made a trip to Perugia in Umbria to visit a lot of houses with different real estate agencies. The last day we saw the house of our dreams near Todi and we decided to go for it in February 2020.
As we live in Brussels and our Italian is just good enough to order some food in a restaurant we concluded to search a property lawyer. We contacted David and Gary and they suggested Avv. Alessandro Clemente. We asked advice from Avv. Massimo Moretto, a very good friend of us and an excellent Italian lawyer working in Brussels. After reading the proposition from Avv. Clemente he said we could be totally reassured and sign a contract, and he was absolutely right. That was our best decision in years. Between February 2020 and 17 July 2020, date on which we signed at the notary, we were constantly advised, supported and helped by Avv. Clemente. Despite the distance and the fact that we had to continue to work hard every day, and most of all, during these extremely strange and insecure times of lockdown due to the Covid-19 epidemy he managed everything in a very reassuring way. He was in continuous contact with the real estate agency and thoroughly analysed and adapted the proposition from the seller. By very regular mails and video-conferences he kept us informed of every step in the whole process. He advised us with expert knowledge on to how we could pay the deposit in a secure way, as we could not travel to Italy with the Corona pandemic to get our “Codice Fiscale” or open an Italian Bank Account. The Deed of Sale was minutely analysed and adapted were necessary. At last he travelled from Milan to Todi, with a Power of Attorney and supported us till the definitive signing before the Notary. For us, the most important thing, is that he succeeded to take away all the worries and stress that accompanies the buying of a house in another country, in another language in the most insecure Covid 19 times, where nobody ever lived in.
Last week sitting under our portico, swimming in our swimming pool or watching our olive trees we both made the reflection that all this would probably not be possible without Avv. Alessandro Clemente.

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