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This type of property refers to homes located on the top floor of a building and which, moreover, generally have more square meters than the rest of the apartments located on different floors. Furthermore, they are characterized, for the most part, by having large terraces that can be used.

The view: It is one of the most important reasons for buyers. The height and the unobstructed view from other buildings make these houses a good option to enjoy the landscape that every season of the year gives us.

Greater privacy and intimacy: its top floor location guarantees you both conditions. On the one hand you will avoid annoying noises by not having any neighbors above you and, on the other hand, your privacy will be guaranteed. An impossible thing in a ground floor apartment.

Increased Brightness: Again, height contributes as it helps bring sunlight into the home.

Outdoor life: Imagine having your own terrace where you can enjoy the outdoors: place plants, sunbeds, tables, chairs and even a barbecue. You can also air-condition it to continue enjoying the terrace during the winter months.

Exclusivity: Not everyone can afford to buy an attic and, even if it’s not the most important thing, it always gives a certain image of “exclusivity”.

Good Investment: Buying a penthouse, or any other home, is an investment. However, the attic is considered one of the most sought-after homes.


There are an endless amount of famous Castles in Italy, with strongholds and fortresses scattered from north to south. Hiding secrets and mysteries from years gone by and events that have marked the history of Italy and Europe, Italy’s Castles are visited every year by thousands of tourists who are eager to learn more about their history and mysteries.

Land of conquest for European nations, Italy always had the great privilege of also being home to the Pope and this led its people to develop a strong religious spirit.

Convents and Monasteries were built since the early Middle Ages (often even under the Roman Empire in the 4th century) and quickly became attraction poles for farmers living in the countryside who could then exchange and barter with the monks. Getting further from the towns, monasteries often reached the size of small hamlets, always self-sufficient, and were ideal for those monks looking for a spiritual retreat.

In recent times, many entrepreneurs and enthusiasts invested converting Monasteries and Convents into beautiful Agriturismos where one can still nowadays breath some sort of religious air.

Also thousands of fortresses exist but lost their military and defensive purpose and went purchased by private invidivuals/companies which renewed them into luxury villas and or exclusive hotels.

CMM are generally located in beautiful and almost untouched areas in Piedmont, Emilia-Romagna, Veneto, Tuscany and Umbria; but you can also find hidden jewels in Sicily, Campania and Puglia.

If you’re a history buff and want a cultural getaway in Italy this autumn, then now is your chance to stroll through the great halls and silent courtyards where lords, ladies, monks and knights lived in ancient times.

And if you decide to be one of those passionate Investors giving new life to these unique properties you’ll find us ready to help making your dream come true.

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